About Us

Welcome to Monstera Mash!

As our punny name insinuates, we’re a team of fun-loving plant geeks whose idea of a party is a shopping spree at a plant store.

We’ve nurtured our green thumbs through trial and (plenty of) error, and we’re here to demystify everything about owning and caring for houseplants in a fun, down-to-earth way!

Our motto is “bringing the jungle inside,” and that’s exactly what we hope we can help you do!

While the blog name is Monstera Mash, and we do focus quite a bit on this beautiful genus of tropical aroids, we will also feature all sorts of houseplants, with a focus on tropical houseplants, including philodendrons, alocasias, and so much more!

Meet the Team

Allison Green, Editor-in-Chief

Allison is a recovering brown thumb turned helicopter plant mom from California.

She is obsessed with tropical plants, especially variegated rare houseplants, and is desperately trying to turn her Oakland apartment into a jungle.

So far, she’s nearly 100 plants into her vision, and constantly accumulating more. (It’s a bit of a problem).

She firmly believes that if she can learn to make houseplants thrive, anyone can.

You can find all her articles published on Monstera Mash here.

Eliza Gail Tiongson, Contributing Writer

Eliza is a writer and a plant hobbyist from the tropical country of the Philippines.

She views gardening as an art, but she has made it her mission to learn the scientific aspect of anything that grows on Earth!

You can find all her articles published on Monstera Mash here.