Philodendron Micans Plant Care: How to Grow A Healthy Philodendron Hederaceum ‘Micans’

Philodendron Micans is an exceptionally beautiful plant that does well in a variety of settings. Known for its leaves which start off a velvety burgundy color and slowly turn to a royal green, P. Micans is one of the most elegant-looking Philodendrons that are on the common end of the spectrum. While Philodendron Micans used … Read more

Philodendron Brasil Plant Care: How to Grow A Healthy Philodendron Hederaceum ‘Brasil’

top view of the yellow variegated leaves of a Philodendron Brasil against a plain dark background

This gorgeous plant adorns houses all over the world because of how adaptable it is– it can grow in both humid and relatively dry homes, as well as in warm and in slightly cold climates. As such, P. Brasil is one of the easiest tropical plants you could care for. The Philodendron Brasil is not … Read more

DIY Aroid Soil Mix: 4 Ingredients for the Perfect Aroid Potting Mix (Monstera Potting Mix + More)

Taking care of aroids requires some special care compared to other houseplants. Aroid plants are part of the Araceae family, and include a variety of plants, from pothos to monsteras to philodendrons to anthuriums to syngoniums to alocasias and so much more! Aroids are tropical plants found on every continent with the exception of Antarctica (conditions … Read more

Houseplant Gifts for Travelers: 7 Hard-to-Kill Houseplants for Frequent Travelers!

The words “houseplants” and “frequent traveler” don’t often go hand-in-hand. As a travel blogger, I used to think that my dream of living in a jungle-like oasis was simply out of reach, because I’d be gone far too frequently to take care of my houseplants. But like many people, I overestimated just how much attention … Read more

Pink Princess Philodendron Care: Essential Tips to Grow Philodendron Pink Princess

The gorgeous Pink Princess Philodendron (often abbreviated as PPP) is one of the most sought-after rare houseplants. Variegation is distinctly prized by plant collectors, and the beautiful splashes of pink that you’ll find on your PPP are what make it so beloved and unique. One of the best things about variegated plants is that each … Read more

13 Things to Know About Your Variegated Monstera Deliciosa Albo: Care Guide & Tips

Monstera albo and Monstera Thai constellation together

One of the rarest houseplants, the variegated Monstera is an absolute show-stopper!  This houseplant is known for its classic fenestrations and distinctive green leaves speckled or sectioned with white.  This variegated Monstera is highly sought-after and a must for any serious plant collector! Variegated Monstera Albo: FAQs & Tips What Causes Variegation on Monstera Deliciosa … Read more

Cebu Blue Pothos Care Guide: What is an Epipremnum Pinnatum and How To Care For It

Cebu Blue Pothos in a silver pot on a table indoors

The blue shiny leaves, the elegant shape, and the vining aesthetic of the Epipremnum Pinnatum Cebu Blue make it a beautiful addition to any plant lover’s collection. Native to Cebu Island in the Philippines, the Cebu Blue Pothos is a low-maintenance tropical plant that thrives in a wide range of light conditions. You can watch … Read more

Philodendron Painted Lady Care: How to Care For A Vibrant Painted Lady Plant

Zoomed photo of the yellow variegated leaves of the Philodendron Painted Lady

The Philodendron Painted Lady is known for its vibrant splotches of neon yellow – almost as if the leaves have been painted over, hence the name of this plant!  The chartreuse leaves, beautiful pink stems, and bright pink petioles all contribute to the distinctive pop of bright color for this striking aroid. The Painted Lady … Read more

Philodendron Birkin Care: How to Grow A Healthy Philodendron Birkin

A top view of the striped leaves of a Philodendron Birkin

The trendy Philodendron Birkin is a self-supporting and compact plant — a good option for interior decorating. Its main selling point are the white pinstripes showcasing a striking contrast against the dark green leaves. As a new cultivar, the Philodendron ‘Birkin’ quickly rose to fame among plant lovers during the pandemic. It entered the market … Read more